REUMAC Stabilization LLC is a company focused on providing solutions for the needs of our customers. REUMAC works with developers, municipalities and general contractors to expedite their paving projects by drying and stabilizing soil.

We believe in an honest, hard-working approach to provide you with high quality, timely applications to make your project a success.




About Us

Reumac is committed to delivering the highest quality and integrity.  In a business where the bottom line is usually the only thing that matters, we commit to going the extra mile for our customers - not just to get the job completed, but get it done right.

We have over 40 years experience in construction, and we bring our knowledge to your project.  From our first day we have committed to using the best applications and the proper methods to achieve success on every job. We work with soil engineers and owners to get the best solution applying ODOT approved methods so that your project will move forward.  Just ask our customers.