REUMAC Stabilization LLC is a company focused on providing solutions for the needs of our customers. REUMAC works with developers, municipalities and general contractors to expedite their paving projects by drying and stabilizing soil.

We believe in an honest, hard-working approach to provide you with high quality, timely applications to make your project a success.

Soil Drying

Can't get compaction on wet soil?
Can't work in cold temperatures?

We can help.


Building Pads

When soil conditions are not ideal or plans call for more strength, we chemically treat the soil to stabilize it for construction.

Parking Lots

If poor soil or weather conditions make passing a proof roll impossible, we bring up strengths and allow the paving to go forward.

Road Work

We work for many different contractors to fulfill ODOT or city specs by upgrading the quality of soil.


Soil remediation and augmentation can be archived using our method.  We upgrade the contaminated soil to allow landfills to receive it.  We can suspend contaminates in the soil so they do not migrate.  We work at the direction of an environmental engineer.